Welcome to our thermo foam blocks factory

   Using TFB while construction of monolithic reinforced concrete

wall, a permanent polystyrene foam form of ready-made

thermo blocks is used.

   This technology is not only simple and economic, but also impresses

with its fastness and high quality.

It takes only 3 working days for erection of one store of a house

with the area of about 300 sq. m. and wall height of 3 m.

   Advantages of TFB technology :

  • Reduction of construction period;
  • Simplicity of work execution;
  • Non-availability of qualified personnel;
  • Reduction of labor intensity;
  • Absence of special hoisting appliances and mechanisms;
  • Reduction of installation and construction work cost;
  • Reduction of transport costs;

The irrefutable advantage of "Thermal house" technology, and may be also the principal one is a significant reduction of maintenance expenses connected with conditioning of your house.

TFB technology is used for fast construction of comfortable and inexpensive houses and structures.

This technology can be applied for construction of thу following:

  • cottages, country houses and holiday cottages;
  • residential multi-storied houses;
  • cascade two- and three-store apartment houses;
  • administrative buildings;
  • public buildings and sport complexes;
  • swimming-pools;
  • industrial buildings without extra water isolation;
  • refrigerators and service facilities;
  • greenhouses and warehouses;