The unique facade system

- 5 times cheaper than the facade bricks
- faster & does not require long-term "wet" cycles facade works
- more reliable & stronger than bricks
- easier does not require highly skilled installers
- Installation in any weather summer and winter

Linear dimensions - 500x500, 250h500 (mm)

Panel weight - 2.4 - 5.8 kg

Color - white

Operating temperature - 50 to +70 C

Compressive strength - 24.6 MPa

Tensile strength and bending - up to 150 kg / cm ²

Frost resistance - not less than 75 cycles (F75)

Water absorption - less than 3%

Durability - less than 0.4 g / cm ²

Thermal conductivity - ~ 0.036 W / m * K

Flammability - Fire retardant

  The unique facade system is three in one: finishing + + soundproofing insulation

Elegant and warm facade of your home:
Cheaper: cost is 5 times cheaper than the facade of the bricks
Faster: eliminating the need for long "wet" cycles facade works
Easier: Installation does not require highly skilled craftsmen
Reliable: the strength of "TFB" than the same indicators of bricks
Tomorrow: the installation is possible in any weather and at any time of the year

TFB: facades warms - maintain comfort
How to reduce the cost of maintaining a home? And while maintaining comfort, warmth and comfort of a family home? With continued growth in energy prices for future or current home owners the question of the insulation of buildings is particularly important.
According to the laws of physics, and from a practical point of view, the primacy of the ranking methods of keeping warm in the house is an external method of thermal insulation of buildings. That is, cladding and insulation of the facades of houses. Even at the design stage builder is looking for material that can effectively insulate the walls and become an aesthetic decision as exterior decoration. A significant role in the choice of material is the price.
It is not always possible to resort to luxury options - larch, exclusive of facing stone or brick. With a modest budget must be limited to stucco facade (the so-called "wet" method) to the mundane and tired of the relief texture, without being able to insulate the house, giving the individual features of the building and demonstrating a taste of the owner. Our unique technology insulation of building facades solves all three problems: warms, saves money and allows you to make the home an original.
Our company specializes in insulation and facades of houses, and doing everything possible to meet the growing demands of the market. After reviewing and summarizing the world achievements in the field of energy-saving materials, we chose the best scientific achievements. Years of careful laboratory and technical tests, own know-how, quality of products ...
The result of joint efforts of the team of our experts is probably the most reliable, economical and fast way to insulation and facades, which allows almost completely avoid the "wet" stages of finishing the outer walls of the building.Patented under the trade name "TFB", this innovative facade house is now available to you! Technology "TFB" universal, because it is a tool for finishing and insulation of buildings, critical aesthetic and economic objectives simultaneously.


Technology "TFB" is a double-layer facade finishing materials (panel) of 50 × 50 cm and weighing 4.5 kg. Protective and decorative layer thickness of 12-15 mm are made of high quality white cement with additives and polymerized Fiber reinforced, providing strength and durability.
The insulating layer, depending on the task may have a thickness of from 2 to 20 cm and consist of polystyrene (Grade M35) or basalt slabs.
The special technology of matching layers provides panels "TFB" extra strength. As you can see, we can improve the technology of finishing and insulation of the facade, but also simplified the installation. Each panel is "TFB" glued to the wall, and further strengthened four anchors, each of which can withstand a load of 130 kg.
That is, a properly reinforced panel "TFB" can withstand more than half a ton: this revolutionary high for front outboard engines!
In this installation of panels does not require special knowledge and skills of special education masters builders enough to make the holes and secure the panel on the wall.
After the seams and the attachment quickly and easily sealed and can be painted facade taste the appropriate master paint for outdoor use.
This revolutionary technology allows you to insulate the façade facing the house and make it original, give it personality: Your house is unique, solid and beautiful!Our time-tested technique: for more than six years, many large and small developers have time to realize that facade cladding panels "TFB" - the best price solution for thermal insulation, protection and decoration of exterior walls.


Mounting plate system "TFBbegins with a start from the foundation orstarting profileexhibited horizontallyTo do this, use a flat rigid molded (timber,profile, pipe), rigidly mounted to the wall of the building.
At the start profile is set the first row of plates, with plates exposed to levels oflighthouses on the adhesive applied on the opposite side of the plate in the field installation of anchorsIn addition to the flashing method is possible to apply the adhesive band or a continuous method, depending on the roughness of the surface of the wall.
For panels used adhesive designed for bonding polystyrene or mineral wool.
Not for ceramic tile!


During the installation poryadnoy boards must set the technological gaps in thelocal interface boards.
This can be done with polystyrene or plastic plates with thickness> 2 mm.


In this case the coincidence of vertical joints is not allowed.


Cutting the outer layer plate is made by means of the power tool with a diamondcutting blade for stone cutting insulation is made with a knife.


Angled abutment plates are made by cutting a heater on one of the adjacent panels, the thickness of the other adjacent panel. At the same time on the corner junction of the outer layers of protective and decorative plates to provide the technological gap of about 2mm thick.


After curing adhesive beacons in the process of external cavities protective and decorative layer plates drilled holes for the anchorsThe depth of drilling and construction of anchors is selected depending on the material of the wall.


In the ready-set anchor holes so that the mounting head is not above the surface of the plate and not "sinking" in a warming material.
After installing the anchors on the entire surface of the plate distance, providing the technological gaps in the joints of landfall will be deleted if necessary. Joints landfall protective and decorative layer carefully primed. Particular attention should be paid to the inner surface of the abutment joints, ensuring that the soil has covered the whole face of the concrete layer slab. For a primer is applied acrylic primer deep penetration with a strong water-repellent effect.


Further, the technology provides for installation of front panel sealing abutmentplate joints supple shpatlevochnoy special mass or sealant. Sealing of joints should be made so that the sealing material is applied to the entire inner surface of the weld (in depth) exterior decorative layers. It is necessary to take into account the shrinkage of the sealing mixture when dry and apply a layer of material is slightly thicker, in two parts. For sealing joints in any other material should be familiar with instructions for its use and, thus, pay special attention to the possibility of its use for outdoor use, as well as its flexibility after drying.
Head anchors are sealed with the same mixture as the seams. After drying the mixture putty outer protective layer of decorative panels TFB primed and painted with facade paint in accordance with the wishes of the customer.



Benefits of front panels "TFB"
The panels 'TFB" an order of magnitude stronger than ornamental plaster: they will not crumble, crack, they can not push the ladder.
On the facing panels "TFB" the warranty - 30 years.
Reduction of costs
The panels' TFB "require less labor, but because their installation will cost less and will end soon. Indeed, their appearance is no longer necessary to "wet" processes plastering. In fact, this technology has eliminated adhesive mounted on foam armor (and drying), adhesive (dry 3 days), priming (and drying), the application of decorative plaster (and drying out again.) Reducing labor costs and the cost of additional materials (glue, wire mesh, soil, plaster, etc.) makes a significant economic effect as the reduction of payment for the work. But while the outer layer of the facade mimics the texture of expensive stone and bricks - your house will look solidly and elegantly luxurious.
 7 reasons why you should choose cladding panels "TFB":
        1. Save time and effort and what you need and the other two times less than when using conventional finishing materials.
       2. 3 in 1 solution: warms, protects and decorates the walls of your home.
       3. Easy installation: oblitsevat house can anyone who knows how to drill holes and mark the surface
      4. Loyalty and teploaudit: coat can be a ready and even a house, when funds become available or necessary.
       5. A wide range of textures: select the appropriate of the 13 species of decoration.
      6. Plenty of room for imagination: the color of the facade is easy to change, just repainted the house in the color you want.
      7. Solid form cladding panels are much more expensive than you pay for them!