Thermo walls offer Superior Sound Insulation.

Thermal walls combine a solid concrete

core, with low density EPS to provide clients

with a quiet peaceful home. Clients get a reassuring

solid sound when they tap the wall.

Thermal walls offer Superior Moisture Resilience

Above ground the EPS foam used in Thermal

walls eliminates the need for extra protection in the

form of a vapor barrier, saving time and money.

Finishes can be applied directly to the surface, or

with a small gap,depending on the finish required.

The performance of the thermal forms is virtually unaffected by

moisture meaning they can also be used below ground for foundations or basements even in high table areas.

Build in a Flood risk area?

Thermal walls are idea for area at risk of flooding, particularly when finished with wet plaster or cement based wall boards. A thermal wall won’t swell or distort when wet, and doesn't support mold or bacterial growth.

EPS and the built environment:

- EPS is “A+” rated for Eco points

- EPS is 97% air

- In less than 6 months EPS insulation will save more energy than was used to make it

- EPS won’t sag or lose performance over time

- EPS is 100% recyclable

- EPS is CFC and HCFC free, & GWP <5

- EPS is flood resilient EPS won’t support mould orfungal growth

EPS is free of preservatives or chemical treatments